Igor Matos Lopes

Igor Matos Lopes

Position: Attack Midfielder
Offer Type: Free Transfer
D.O.B: 1996-03-18
Nationality: Brazil


2002/2004 Escolinha do Cruzeiro – BA – Brazil

2004/2007 Vitoria (Serie B)– BA – Brazil

2007/2011 Bahia (Serie A) – BA – Brazil

2011/2013 Fluminense de Feira (Baiano 1) – BA – Brazil

2013/2015 ADJ (Baiano 2) – BA – Brazil

Physical characteristics:

aerobic endurance, stamina, coordination, agility and reaction speed.

Technical data:

disarm anticipation, recovery ability with the ball, pan, and deep vision, offensive dribbling, passing, sense of penetration and coverage.

Tactical characteristics:

rapport with colleagues, game viewing, attack and defense domain, meaning penetration and coverage.

Psychological characteristics:

toughness, determination, decision-making power, courage and persistence.


Player’s performance video

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