«Referee payments? More like free paella and Rioja!

In a fiery and impassioned speech, Barcelona President Joan Laporta has declared that he will defend his beloved club «until my last drop of sangria». The outburst comes in response to allegations that Barcelona paid off referees in a recent match, with some calling for a public lynching of Laporta and the club.

However, Laporta has fiercely denied any wrongdoing, stating that the only payment referees receive from Barcelona is a complimentary paella and a bottle of Rioja. He went on to suggest that the accusations were nothing more than sour grapes from rival teams who were jealous of Barcelona’s success.

Despite the controversy, Laporta remains confident that Barcelona will come out on top. «We have a great team, a great club, and a great fanbase,» he declared. «We will not be intimidated by these baseless accusations, and we will continue to fight for our place at the top of the footballing world.»

As for the public lynching, Laporta had a message for his critics: «If they want to come at us, they better bring their best matadors. We’re ready for anything.»

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