Filming, Match Stat Data Analysis and Promotion of Talented Young Players

We offer you an exclusive program designed to support and successfully develop the careers of football talents in Spain.

  1. Video Recording and Presentation:
  • Organization of professional video recording of training sessions and matches using high-quality equipment (cameras and drones) to capture the best moments of the game.
  • Editing videos with careful selection of the best moments to create an attractive presentation, which is fundamental in attracting the attention of professionals in the world of football.
  1. Match Analysis and Statistical Data Provision:
  • Conducting an analysis of key game indicators such as the number of successful passes and assists, percentage of successful passes and shots, as well as their execution, number of successful tackles and dribbles in 1-on-1 situations… to obtain objective statistical information about your child’s abilities and areas for improvement
  • Providing recommendations for improving tactical skills.
  1. Career Development:
  • Supporting in establishing contacts with leading football academies, clubs, and agents, so your child has the opportunity to showcase their talent in front of professional coaches and scouts.
  • Organizing viewings and conducting trial training sessions for your child with the aim of advancing them at a professional level and providing an opportunity for career growth.

Our program is a comprehensive platform for supporting and developing the careers of young football talents. We guarantee a professional approach to video recording and editing, statistical data analysis to identify areas of growth and development, and active assistance in establishing contacts with key figures in the football industry. Our goal is to help your child achieve success and unleash their potential on the global football stage.

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