“European Football Agency”, created in 2012, is today one of the leading sports agencies in Europe. The main direction of our activity is a full cycle of agency services for football players and football clubs.

The priority of our football agency in Europe is long-term cooperation. We help clients negotiate with clubs at various levels (mainly in countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Great Britain, the Netherlands), taking into account numerous nuances: sports, financial, legal and others, which are very difficult for a player to cope with alone. Our team provides football players with the maximum possible assistance, not only directly in their employment, but also in resolving any everyday and personal issues, so that the athlete can fully concentrate on his favorite activity.

For Footballers

We are looking for talents! If you are sure that you are “the best,” the football agency is ready to help you! First, go to SIGN UP to send us all the necessary information about yourself.

We provide comprehensive assistance in developing a football player’s career

  • Search for the best deals from European clubs of all levels
  • Preliminary assessment of the player’s technical and physical condition, as well as his level of “football intelligence”
  • For young talented players, we offer the organization of video filming using professional equipment (cameras and drones) with subsequent editing of a presentation for promotion to scouts and football academies.
  • Individual preparation of the player is possible based on the results of the assessment before viewing in a club or academy
  • Organization of try outs in leading clubs and football academies in Europe (Spain, Great Britain, Portugal, France, Italy)
  • We conduct training camps for professional and amateur clubs
  • Our football agency negotiates with clubs, agrees on conditions and concludes personal contracts
  • Consultation on legal, financial and tax issues when concluding contracts; legal protection in case of violation of the player’s rights; translation services
  • Solving all other issues not directly related to the player’s football career, such as organizing everyday life, searching for real estate, renting/purchasing a car, etc.
  • Getting advertisers and sponsors involved
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