The Underrated players of La Liga 2023-24

In the high-octane world of La Liga, where superstars and blockbuster transfers often dominate the headlines, a cohort of undervalued talents quietly shapes the narrative from the shadows. The 2023-24 season has been no exception, witnessing the rise of players who, despite their significant contributions on the pitch, have not garnered the recognition they duly deserve. This analysis delves into the profiles of five such players, showcasing their statistics and explaining why they’re considered undervalued assets in Spain’s top flight.

1. Largie Ramazani – Almería

  • Position: Winger
  • Age: 22
  • 2023-24 Key Stats: 6 goal involvements (2 goals, 4 assists); second in team for completed dribbles.

Despite Almería’s struggles, Ramazani has emerged as a beacon of hope. His agility and knack for goal involvements make him a standout performer in a team fighting relegation. His background with Manchester United hints at a pedigree undervalued in the current market, especially given Almería’s precarious position.

2. Bryan Zaragoza – Granada

  • Position: Midfielder
  • 2023-24 Key Stats: Impressive ball-carrying metrics with over 2,100 metres carried; significant carry progress.

Zaragoza’s ability to drive the ball and create play from midfield positions has been a lifeline for Granada. His stats, particularly in ball progression, place him among the elite in La Liga, making it surprising that he’s not on the radar of top European clubs.

3. Pepelu – Valencia

  • Position: Defensive Midfielder
  • Age: 25
  • 2023-24 Key Stats: Played 98% of possible minutes; among the top for possession wins and progressive passes among midfielders.

Pepelu’s role as Valencia’s midfield anchor is underscored by his impressive endurance and technical skills. His ability to recover possession and initiate plays from deep positions makes him a crucial yet undervalued piece of Valencia’s young squad.

4. Stole Dmitrievski – Rayo Vallecano

  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • 2023-24 Key Stats: Conceded 17 goals from an xG of 21.4, saving 4.4 goals above expectation.

Rayo Vallecano’s mid-table stability owes much to Dmitrievski’s heroics between the sticks. His performances have significantly exceeded the expectations set by underlying metrics, highlighting his crucial role in the team’s defensive setup.

5. Borja Mayoral – Getafe

  • Position: Striker
  • 2023-24 Key Stats: 8 goals in 14 games; nearly half of Getafe’s total goal tally.

Mayoral’s resurgence as Getafe’s leading marksman is a narrative of redemption and untapped potential. His goal-scoring prowess, especially in a side not known for offensive flamboyance, marks him as a player whose market value belies his on-field impact.

Kaiky, Almería

Another Brazilian import into La Liga, the 19-year-old Santos graduate caught the eye of one and all in a spectacular defensive display against Real Madrid at the start of the season. Going toe-to-toe with Vinícius, Kaiky displayed impressive pace and defensive awareness that night. Kaiky possesses the raw skills of a complete centre-back, being very comfortable on the ball to go along with his brilliant physical attributes. Discipline is perhaps his only downside, as he’s picked up several yellow cards this season. While Kaiky isn’t a guaranteed starter for Almería, the signs are positive if he is given the time to develop.

Why They Are Undervalued

The undervaluation of these players can be attributed to several factors. For talents like Ramazani and Zaragoza, their teams’ lower league standings obscure individual brilliance. For Pepelu, the subtlety of a defensive midfielder’s contributions often goes unnoticed. Dmitrievski’s and Mayoral’s exploits are overshadowed by their teams’ broader struggles or stylistic play that doesn’t spotlight individual flair.

The Hidden Impact

What sets these players apart is their ability to make a difference in adverse conditions. They exhibit qualities such as resilience, technical skill, and tactical intelligence that are invaluable to their teams. Their contributions, often quantifiable through advanced metrics like xG, progressive carries, or goal-saving metrics, underscore a significant impact that belies their current market and media valuation.


In the galaxy of La Liga stars, players like Ramazani, Zaragoza, Pepelu, Dmitrievski, and Mayoral shine with a different light. They are the unsung heroes, whose true worth, though not always reflected in transfer fees or headlines, is invaluable to their clubs. For scouts and clubs looking to unearth potential gems, these players exemplify the kind of talent that thrives under the radar – ready to be acknowledged, valued, and, perhaps, destined for greater recognition.

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